Sümer Petrokimya, has been continuing its research and development studies with the understanding of transformative development in the global and domestic market since its establishment. In this context, Sümer Petrokimya spends 4% of its entire turnover on R&D studies. Considering the industry average, this figure is well above the average. While doing our R&D studies;
  • Quality
    High quality and high customer satisfaction
  • Sustainability
    Protecting nature, environment and ecological balance
  • R&D
    Perpetual developing and strengthening corporate structure
  • Innovation
    Innovative production and management approach aiming at continuous development
Our Quality Policy
As its quality policy, Sümer Petrokimya always aims to provide high value, high customer satisfaction and high assurance to its stakeholders, partners and customers. How does Sümer, which has high customer satisfaction at the top of its targets in all business and operating processes, reach this level of quality?
  • By delivering on time and fast,
  • Evaluating the feedback from our customers and determining our action plans accordingly,
  • By providing customer satisfaction, process management and production efficiency trainings to our employees,
  • Working with minimum waste in production,
  • Working with high occupational health and safety standards,
  • Using high quality raw materials, machinery and equipment,
  • It reaches out by using the opportunities and technology brought by the globalizing world at the most optimum level.
Our Activity Areas
As Sümer Petrokimya, our goal is to be close to our customers in every continent and to further develop and strengthen their satisfaction processes. On the map below, you can see the countries with which our company has export relations. In the future, we continue to work to establish sales offices and representative offices in these regions. As Sümer Petrokimya, it is very important for us to be close to our customers in every process by solving the problems of our customers immediately.
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